We've been featured in By'U Magazine!

Beaullana Couture has been featured in By'U Magazine March issue! By'U is actually a new welcoming magazine especially for young people.. Magazine ni sgt fresh, trendy n yang paling penting sempoi sgt2 kalau nak compared with others.. So don't forget to get By'U Magazine tau.. Available at Popular, MPH and other bookstores.. Sekali baca, pasti suka! ^_~   

Cover page for By'U Magazine March issue 

 Hana pakai Ranyaa Shawl ^_~

Yang ni pulak Hana pakai Qasandra, Qaseh, Amnaa and Marissa Shawl.. A few still available for Ranyaa and Marissa.. ^_~

By'U Magazine also can be seen here Facebook By'U Magazine

* Special thanx to Suri Media Sdn. Bhd (all crews), Aziela, Jemang, AndreSopie Photography, Fayruzs Photography and Cengks Photography.. Good job!